Monday, 31 March 2014

GMP admits false imprisonment of Christian

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has setted out of court with John Craven, a Christian wrongfully arrested and falsely imprisoned by GMP.  Mr. Craven, a street preacher for seven years, was arrested and subjected to his custody ordeal for no reason other than that he is a Christian.

Mr. Craven was arrested by GMP whilst preaching the gospel, after two homosexual teenagers engaged in homosexual perversion in front of him had been asking Mr. Craven what he thought about homosexuals.

Mr. Craven was unlawfully detained in custody for 19 hours, during which for 15 hours he was denied access to food, water and his arthritis medication.

Mr. Craven's claim for compensation against GMP was brought with the assistance of the Christian Institute's Legal Defence Fund.  The settlement of the claim - for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and breach of human rights - means that Mr. Craven is to receive £13,000 compensation plus costs from GMP.  The total cost to GMP, including the costs of both parties, is in excess of £50,000.

Greater Manchester Police's unlawful persecution of Christians stands in stark contrast to GMP's turning a blind eye to dozens of serious, organised criminals involved in organised prostitution and other serious offences.  The discredited GMP force is intolerant of the lawful and peaceful exercise of free speech whilst tolerating serious sexual offences; GMP even has an official policy by which it has abandoned its duty to enforce the law against certain known criminals.